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January 8, 2020

Posted by Monika London 20 days ago

General - [Bug Fix] Changing your password now properly ends all sessions in all browsers API - [Bug Fix] Port ranges now properly work on IP search Console - [Bug Fix] Some users could ...

December 12, 2019 update

Posted by Monika London about a month ago

General - [Feature] Improved IP data-pipeline to provide more frequent updates to IP data, improve accuracy, and make future enhancements possible API - [Housekeeping] Usage tracking refactor...

October 30, 2019 update

Posted by Monika London 3 months ago

API - [Feature] Added new and deleted params for the subdomain feeds API endpoint Console - [Feature] New API Usage Stats page. Get a quick overview of all your usage in one place - [Fe...

October 17, 2019 update

Posted by Monika London 3 months ago

Console - [Feature] The API log now shows API requests for Feeds - [Feature] New navigation to the top bar - [Housekeeping] The API log no longer shows 4xx requests - [Housekeeping] Status page, A...

New API Improvements & general fixes

Posted by Monika London 3 months ago

We've improved the usability of domain searches (DSL) by increasing the detail received when your search contains include_ip_details flag. These queries now return an additional field `unknown_org_c...

New features: Return IPs & Scroll

Posted by German about a year ago

We have added a new endpoint for scrolling the Domain Search API (currently only available for the DSL version). In addition we added the ability to output IPs in associated IPs. Changelog - adde...

Invalid JSON handling

Posted by German about a year ago

Providing an invalid JSON resulted in an internal server error. The expected behavior is returning an error. This was fixed and the API returns "You have an error in your JSON format" in the message f...

Minor API fix

Posted by German about a year ago

In a few, very rare cases, valid domains could not be queried and the API would return Invalid Domain. This has been fixed. Changelog - fixed: Domain validation not working in some edge cases

New domain feeds endpoints & minor fix

Posted by German about a year ago

Changelog - added: Domain feed API - fixed: Error 500 when requesting page 101 or higher, now returns proper error message

Minor meta data fixes

Posted by German about a year ago

We released an update to our production API endpoints that addresses two issues with meta data. Changelog - fixed: Fixed 'max_pages' showing up higher than 'total_pages' on some occasions - fixed...