January 8, 2020


  • [Bug Fix] Changing your password now properly ends all sessions in all browsers


  • [Bug Fix] Port ranges now properly work on IP search


  • [Bug Fix] Some users could have experienced a broken API requests volumes graph on the usage stats page. This issue was hotfixed.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that could cause some users to not see mouseover dates on the daily usage graph
  • [Bug Fix] Document title now properly updates on the subscription page after selecting the free plan
  • [Housekeeping] Added the number of subdomains available to download from the subdomain tab
  • [Housekeeping] Improved load times on account drop-down icons
  • [Housekeeping] Improved the appearance of the RSS feed images
  • [Housekeeping] Layout and CSS improvements to the credentials page and API usage log

Surface Browser

  • [Feature] New download button on the hostnames popup modal to when exploring ip blocks for a domain
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that could cause a 500 error when loading a direct URL
  • [Housekeeping] The graph for Summary by Similar records is now responsive.
  • [Housekeeping] Added a redirect page with suggested results when an invalid search has been executed
  • [Housekeeping] Fixed some spacing issues on the subdomain summary graphs

Free App

  • [Feature] Support for IP Blocks in the IP Neighbors button
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where some enterprise users might see limited access to the subdomains grid. This issue was only present on the free app
  • [Housekeeping] Improved the rendering of IP Block results when in /list/ip/{ip}/{block}
  • [Housekeeping] Added a redirect to /list/ip/{ip}/{block} instead of /domain/{ip}/{block}/dns when searching IP Blocks using the search bar on the website or directly from the app