December 12, 2019 update


  • [Feature] Improved IP data-pipeline to provide more frequent updates to IP data, improve accuracy, and make future enhancements possible


  • [Housekeeping] Usage tracking refactor to support future improvements to the detail of API usage stats


  • [Feature] Improved IP data-pipeline provides new portscan data on subdomains tab
  • [Feature] Improved IP data-pipeline provides updated rDNS and port information on the Reverse DNS tab
  • [Feature] New open ports column added to IP ranges on the IP Blocks tab
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue in Firefox that could cause the Summary by Similar Records graph in rDNS to overlap the text

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  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where special characters in keyword search could cause a 502 gateway error


  • [Housekeeping] End Points Accessed now only shows last 30 days to improve performance
  • [Housekeeping] Capitalized API on daily usage graph hover
  • [Housekeeping] New change password button and modal on user details page
  • [Housekeeping] Reversed order of the monthly data table on the API Usage Stats page
  • [Housekeeping] Hover on daily usage graph now also shows dates for days with 0 usage
  • [Housekeeping] SurfaceBrowser link is now included in the account dropdown menu


  • [Housekeeping] Added confirm password field during signup
  • [Housekeeping] Increased password complexity requirements