April 30, 2020 update



  • [Feature] Historical DNS table now has a sharable URL
  • [Feature] New Host page for more precise details on individual hosts
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an edge case issue that could prevent some data from loading on the company summary page
  • [Housekeeping] The definitions of colors for WHOIS history on the company page are clarified
  • [Housekeeping] If there are zero Mergers and Acquisitions, no count tag is shown in the sidebar of the company page
  • [Housekeeping] The company page sidebar now correctly shows the count of SSL certs
  • [Housekeeping] “Report a problem” button renamed to “report feedback”
  • [Housekeeping] Fixed the capitalization of some “products” in the open ports tab of the IP page
  • [Housekeeping] Fixed the text bolding of subdomains on some pages
  • [Housekeeping] PTR records in rDNS now link to the new Host page
  • [Housekeeping] Company summary page now hides cards with information that is currently unavailable
  • [Housekeeping] Improved the load-times of IP pages and their respective tabs
  • [Housekeeping] Clarified the text on the company summary page

Free App

  • [Housekeeping] Historical DNS now only shows the information available to free users. Eliminating some tabs and cards


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed 500 error that could appear when choosing the free plan while signing up
  • [Housekeeping] Removed the “open ports feed” from the sidebar