May 14, 2020 update


  • [Feature] New Domains Activity page. Check out recent activity on a domain
  • [Feature] New tab added to the company page: “Suborganizations”
  • [Feature] SSL box added to the IP summary page with more detailed information on certs
  • [Feature] New search shows more autocomplete results with a new results page with further suggestions
  • [Feature] New and improved downloads! Rebuilt from the ground up with improved performance, stability, and you can now download most filtered results
  • [Housekeeping] Improved the responsiveness of the CNAME records on the current DNS company page tab
  • [Housekeeping] Improved performance of the SSL tab on the company page when the number of certificates is huge
  • [Housekeeping] The search company page layout is now more responsive
  • [Housekeeping] Removed filtering cache. When you refresh the page, your shown filters will now be reset. This is done to improve performance and reliability
  • [Housekeeping] Added info alerts to the company page tables in tabs where there are more results than are able to be displayed in the browser
  • [Housekeeping] Fixed the coloring of the color coding on the whois section of the company page
  • [Housekeeping] Removed the redirect from /host to /domain


  • [Housekeeping] Improved the consistency of empty records for the Domain Details endpoint. Null values now instead of empty json objects


  • [Bug fix] Fixed an issue that could cause a 500 error on the domain feed page
  • [Bug fix] The domain feed page would sometimes crash when selecting the historical feed, this bug is now fixed