Quotas & Rate Limits

Billing and request handling mechanisms we use.


All subscription levels come with soft quotas. Once the soft quota is reached and your account has auto-billing enabled, we will attempt to bill for additional requests at the rate indicated for your subscription level. If auto-billing fails you will start to receive HTTP/1.1 429 errors. If auto-billing is disabled, the quotas will immediately become hard quotas and you will receive HTTP/1.1 429 errors once you hit your monthly limit. We will also notify you when you are approaching your quota or if it is projected that you will exceed your API usage quota at your current usage rate.

To prevent inadvertent downtime for your application we recommend configuring auto-billing to start before you hit your monthly quota.

Rate limiting

Each account is rate limited to a specific amount of requests per second. If your account is throttled, its rate limit will be reset after a one second interval. Your implementation should expect and be able to handle this by waiting a second before making additional requests.



We recommend to deploy caching mechanisms when frequently querying the same resource (such as domain or IP), for example when parsing log-files.