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Accessing the SecurityTrails REST API

The SecurityTrails API allows you to programmatically access all all IP, DNS, WHOIS and company related information that is available on the SecurityTrails Web Platform and beyond. It is based on REST principles and allows you to fetch data mainly using HTTP GET and POST methods. Please note that our API is read-only and there is no way of saving information.

The SecurityTrails API endpoint is exposed at

Please note that https is mandatory. Any http request will be forwarded to https.

Data format

For any data input outside of headers, path or query the JSON format is used. POST request bodies should supply JSON data. Any responses will be in JSON.


  • APIKEY: must be set, if not provided in the query-string; see Authentication.
  • Content-Type: should be set to application/json when supplying data in the request body

What's Next

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Accessing the SecurityTrails REST API